Zeelim Sky Run - 11/2/2021

עקבו אחר העדכונים בעמוד הפייסבוק שלנו

The 4PEAKS tour first event will be the ZSR that will start from Mishmar stream parking at the 11th of February 2021. It’s the fourth year for this tough, one of a kind event. The track passes through Zeelim and Mishmar stream resorts and goes up to the historical, timeless Massada fortress ruins. The toughest footpaths in the Judean desert, next to the Dead sea. All of that at perfect winter desert weather. A memory of a lifetime for the accomplished runners among you.

The ZSR has two routes:

Long 56k/2500D+ (highly technical route will likely to take 10 hours+ to the majority of runners) – Download track here:

Short 39k/1750D+ – Download track here:


Link to the start/finish area (Mishmar stream resort parking):

START: first light of day 6:00-6:15AM.

FINISH: last light of day, around 17:00PM.

Please arrive to the start area as early as 5:15AM.28